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RetroChallenge Update (04/09/2018) - Search finished

Apr 102018

I've worked hard and completed the search function on the site. It uses Google for results, and removes all the formatting from the website that would cause troubles on old machines. I've also changed a few things, I'll get to that later.

The search is not really the best thing, but there isn't much I could do without making an entire search engine of my own, which I was not going to do. All the search result URLs are converted to a url link to the proxy page (automatically proxying the results). The page numbers and next/previous ARE FUNCTIONAL.

Here are some screenshots below (notice the url on the bottom). None on the Macintosh for now though.

Some other various updates:

  • Removed the text only mode because it was basically useless. I'm using minimal enough formatting that it shouldn't cause issues for very very ancient machines.

  • Removed the ability to use cookies for login. This isn't meant to be a secure website, and it's easier to just program it for one login method.

  • Updated the index page. It is no longer index-new.php, and anyone can access the site.

  • Removed autorefresh on every page that had it. It was useless and caused issues with browsers that actually supported it.

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