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RetroChallenge Complete (04/29/2018) - Final Update

Apr 302018

I've done it! I completed my website for old computers, NoCSS!

Before I get into the details of the site, I will finish the last update, the Mail system. The mail system is pretty simple, and includes what you would expect in a very minimal webmail. You can only message users registered on the site (didn't want to research/create an actual e-mail compatible system). You can read your inbox and sent messages, compose a new message, reply to a message (including the feature of embedding the msg you are replying to), and read messages. That's really about it... Not much more I could implement that would function on vintage hardware.


If you are on a mac and want to get on the internet:

Screenshots on my laptop for now, but I will create a big post with screenshots of all the functions on my Macintosh after this post.

Here is the feature list for the site:

  • Registration/login

  • Chat

    • Rooms capabilities. Only MAIN room for now, but you can request to have some added if you want.

    • Includes timestamps

  • Forum

    • Create posts

    • Per-forum new post permissions

    • Reply to posts

    • Open source

    • Reg/login separate from the main site (but if you use the same login, it automatically logs in when you visit)

  • Messaging

    • Send message

    • read sent messages

    • reply to messages (including the old message being appended to the reply)

  • Web proxy

    • Supports https

    • Removes all modern technologies to make it load correctly on new sites

    • All links are proxied

  • Google search

    • All links are proxied to the site's web proxy

Update links:


A disclaimer: account login is stored IN THE URL and sent to the server via a GET request. This is VERY insecure and you should not use the same login password you use for other sites!

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